Upgrade Your Exocad Design Skills with This Exclusive Course

Exocad Design Skills

Upgrade Your Exocad Design Skills with This Exclusive Course

Before we begin to highlight the importance of an Exocad Design course, it’s important to learn what Exocad actually is. 

What is Exocad Design?

Exocad is CAD/CAM design software mostly used in the dental industry. While it is popular among dental labs and technicians, its ease of use has propelled it to the forefront of dental offices and practitioners.

Consider Exocad software to be an a la carte menu. You can select and purchase modules based on your practice’s specific needs. This is GAME CHANGING for dentists since we no longer have to pay for the whole lab program when we may only need it for one or two components. Modules can be added and removed by users as they see fit.

Exocad Design Course:

It’s easy to feel lost when using exocad.

You understand that Exocad can be a game changer in your profession or lab, but its complexity can be intimidating. When every click brings up a new tool or feature you need to familiarize yourself with, it’s easy to become disoriented.

Even constructing a simple crown without sufficient assistance can be an unpleasant experience, let alone utilizing advanced features like crown-lengthening guidelines, implant planning, etc.

The course lessons cover everything from basic concepts from installing software to building basic crowns… All the way up to innovative materials such as full-mouth rehabilitation and complete arch implant restoration design. We hope you find the course enjoyable and beneficial in your exocad journey!

What Will You Learn From This Course?

If you take the Exocad Design course from Transcend Dental Education, we guarantee there’s much to learn. Starting from March 2024, here are some of the benefits you’ll get by enrolling in this course.

You Get an Upper Hand:

Who wouldn’t want to stand out by gaining additional knowledge about their field?

If you wish to gain advanced Exocad skills to lead in the competitive dental industry, there’s no better way than taking an online course. 

Hands-on Experience and Design Accuracy:

Given that you don’t have enough hands-on experience and knowledge, your turnaround times must be too slow. By taking this course, you won’t only sharpen your design efficiency but also be quick!

Furthermore, if you want your patients to return to you, learn the accuracy of a design so they’re satisfied with your services.

It Brings You New Opportunities:

Having additional stars on your resume can open doors to new and exciting opportunities for you in digital dentistry.

Not only will it increase your market demand, but it will also enhance your value wherever you wish to work. Some skills make us irreplaceable at work. Learning Exocad Design is for you!

Learn Exocad Design at Transcend Dental Education:

Dr. Ben Kellum and Dr. Bryan will be conducting the Exocad Design course at Transcend Dental Education. You are getting a chance to learn from the best in the dental industry.

There’s a lot to learn, and you will take home an unforgettable experience.

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