Digital Lab Services

Transcend Digital Dental Lab

is happy to announce our surgical guide services!

Services include the following options:

  • Single tooth implant guides
  • Soft tissue-supported full-arch guides
  • Bone-supported full-arch guides
  • Bone reduction guides
  • Immediate load prosthesis
  • Each case comes with a review for the treating surgeon to approve


Please download the appropriate lab Rx form below for further information.

Have Lab Questions?

Checklist of Data to Send

  • For edentulous patients please follow the DUAL SCAN PROTOCOL:
    • Scan 1: CBCT scan of patient wearing ideal denture with radiographic markers.
      • Please position the patient IN OCCLUSION AT THE DESIRED VDO using a CHIN REST
        rather than bite fork.
    • Scan 2: CBCT of the denture by itself with the radiographic markers (dual scan)


  • For dentate patients please provide the following:
    • Upper and lower STL models in occlusion (digital models)
    • Stone models and a bite (raw data)


  • Pictures for all patients:
    • Full face at repose
    • Full face with highest smile
    • Full face with retractors i n place
    • Full face from a lateral view


  • Please ensure all digital models are in proper occlusion OR Physical models/impressions come with bite registration

How to Submit Cases

The first step is to “become a lab client” if you haven’t already done so.  Once we verify your credentials, our team will create a custom client portal for you and email the login information.  From the custom client portal, you will be able to submit new cases, follow the status of existing cases, message with the staff about your patient’s case and transfer data/files.


To contact the lab directly, please email or call 1-800-216-5407